What is a Sandpiper Bay Community Sponsor?

Sandpiper Bay Community is a Florida Not-For-Profit association whose purpose is to provide a place for our residents to gather, to hold social and civic events, to learn from local speakers, and to work as a group to protect and preserve our community and property values. The Sandpiper Bay Community target member is any of the approximately 3100 residential addresses in the 34952. Members carry a Membership Card to be displayed to local merchants.

A Sponsor is a business who helps underwrite the cost of running Sandpiper Bay Community. Ideally, a sponsor is one of the 300 plus Sandpiper Bay located business that we can promote to customers who are in “your backyard.”

We welcome every new resident with a visit and a Welcome Package that includes a gift and a coupon package that promotes local businesses. The sponsor gives a discount or free gift on the coupon as long as the resident shows his/her Sandpiper Bay Community membership card. The sponsor provides the completed artwork for the coupon. The size of the coupon is one third of an 8 ½ x 11 paper.

Every Sponsor will:

  • Be included in “Welcome” package by providing a coupon insert.
  • Be on the website on the frontpage (rotating) and in Helpful Hints. Both can have click throughs.
  • One sponsor per email blast to members. Emails are sent one or twice a week.
  • 2 sponsors per month will be highlighted on the website & social media.
  • 4 mailers with 10 sponsors on each one delivered to 3100 homes in Sandpiper Bay Community.
  • Be a semi exclusive sponsor by trade or restaurant type. Exemption would be based Realtors.
  • Have a 4 x 6 counter card to show that you are sponsor.

Total Cost For 12 Months is $1000

For more information: marketing@sandpiperbaycommunity.org. or call: Joyce or Van at 772 337-0151

There are two ways to become a sponsor:
  1. Fill out the printable Sponsor Agreement Form and send, along with a check, to:  1193 SE Port St Lucie Blvd., # 128 Port St Lucie 34952
  2. Fill out the electronic form below

SBC Sponsorship Marketing Agreement

Print Mailer Business Card Advertisement:
  1. Printer prefers copy in Word and (Adobe) PDF file
  2. Email copy to marketing@sandpiperbaycommunity.org or mail to our address.
  3. Business Card size is 3.5 x 2 Inches.
  4. Artwork must be camera ready & in electronic format.
  5. We are not responsible for quality of copy or transposition on to our media.
  6. Copy change surcharge will be by quote with a minimum of $25.
Website Business Card Advertisement:
  1. Website is updated with business card add within 7 days of receipt of
  2. Webmaster prefers to copy in a media file format (jpg, etc. )
  3. Email copy to marketing@sandpiperbaycommunity.org.
  4. Business Card size is 1050 x 600
  5. SBC can insert a short 60-90 second video promoting your business and set up direct link back to your website.
Sandpiper Bay Community Member Card Incentive:
  1. Sandpiper Bay Community maintains a Member Benefits section on its website.
  2. To drive foot traffic, consider offering a member benefit incentive if the Member Card is displayed.
  1. Payment must be received prior to Printing or Website posting.
  2. Payment is non-refundable and advertisement purchases are non-transferable.
  3. Sandpiper Bay Community must approve all copy prior to publication.
  4. For Mailers, failure to get copy by the deadline is the sponsor’s responsibility and is not refunded.
  5. Circulation numbers for the Mailer are based on current estimates obtained by our Printer through the US Post Office. Counts and routes may be changed without notice by the Post Office. The goal is for the Mailers to reach every addressable mailbox within Sandpiper Bay as defined by the Subdivision Map on our website sandpiperbaycommunity.org found under About/Subdivision Map. Errors or omissions in distribution by the United State Postal Service are outside of our control and are not refundable.
  6. At such time that we become aware of or are notified that a paid sponsor has ceased operations, their website advertisement will be removed. No refund is provided for unused display time.
  7. By completing this Agreement, you agree to place an advertisement with Sandpiper Bay Community and to be bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions. The advertisement can be considered a cost of doing business as advertising or a charitable contribution to the under teh Sandpiper Bay Community under Florida law.
  8. This Agreement is governed under the laws of the State of Florida.

By completing this form you agree to place an ad with Sandpiper Bay Community (SBC) and to be bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions.

Please email your media to: Marketing@sandpiperbaycommunity.org

Please either click to make a payment or mail check and make payable to SBC, 1193 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, #128, Port St Lucie, FL 34952