Advertise on our website, mailer, mailer insert or newsletter!

Each unit is Business Card Size:

  • 1 unit – $250
  • 2 units – $475
  • 3 units – $694
  • 4 units – $900 = 1/3 page
  • 6 units – $1320 = 1⁄2 page
  • 8 units – $1700 = 3⁄4 page
  • 10 units – $2125 = 1 page

Rates are for 1 insertion for Mailer and Mailer Insert and for 1 calendar year for the web site. If ads are placed in more than one media, price is based on total units Artwork must be camera ready & in electronic format.

We are not responsible for quality of copy or transposition on to our media.

Copy change surcharge will be by quote with a minimum of $25.

Terms and Conditions

Payment-in-full must be paid prior to publication (including clearance time for payments). All payments must be made to SBC. SBC must approve all copy prior to publication. All payments received are non-refundable & all ad purchases are non-transferable.

At such time that any paid advertiser goes out of business or ceases to operate or function as claimed in the purchased display ad, the display ad is automatically terminated. Advertising sale acceptance and placement is at the discretion of SBC, based on space availability, cost of manipulation & other factors.

All terms, conditions and prices contained herein are at the judgment & discretion of the SBC & subject to change without notice.

By completing this form you agree to place an ad with Sandpiper Bay Community (SBC) and to be bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions.

Please email your media to:

Please either click to make a payment or mail check and make payable to SBC, 1193 SE Port St Lucie Blvd, #128, Port St Lucie, FL 34952