Sandpiper Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.
(Fictitious Name: Sandpiper Bay Community)

Board/Member Meeting Minutes

Date: 2/15/2021
Time: 7pm
Location: Zoom


President’s Comments:

Introduction of speaker: (President)
Jennifer Davis
City of Port St. Lucie’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Project Manager
Along with Dr. David Barth
Topic: The PORT District

We thank Jennifer Davis very much for telling us about “The Port District” that will be right in Sandpiper Bay. She has forwarded a PDF file of the slides she presented to illustrate the area. You can see the slides by clicking on the attachment on our website.

Board Meeting:

1. Business meeting called to order at 7:42 pm (President)

2. Establish A Quorum (Secretary)
Present: Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Millevolte, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. Hammer, Ms. Dunkel, Mr. Billitti.
Absent: Ms. Suter

3. Secretary’s Report (President)

a. Motion to approve Minutes of January 18, 2021 Board Meeting.
First: Ms. Dunkel
Second: Mr. Millevolte
Vote in favor: All

4. Treasurer Report (Treasurer)

a. Please see Attachment A

b. Motion to approve Treasurer Report (President)
First: Mrs. Lee
Second: Ms. Dunkel
Vote in favor: All

5. Committee Reports:
a. Events/Social (Mr. Lee)
1. We have quite a few people who have volunteered to work on social events but we need a person(s) to coordinate the program. We have some exciting events coming up this year and need a person as soon as possible. Please contact
2. The lease for the restaurant at the Saints golf course has now been signed and we are working closely with the new tenant to once again have a Sandpiper Bay night at least once a month to start. More to come on this shortly. The new name will be The Saints Pub-“Where Saints go to be Sinners!”. They plan to start opening around March 1st.

b. Ethics (Mr. Bradley/Mr. Lee)
No activity

c. Adopt A Street/Adopt A Park (Mr. Mazjanis/Mr. Lee)
1. January, 2021
10 miles/ 21 five gal bags/ 24 hours
2. Volunteers: Ivars Mazjanis John Hitchcock, Patrick & Anna Carney, Bob Wade, Doug Mouch
3. Special thank you to Patrick and Anna for picking up 20 gallons of trash outside of our assigned area in their walk.
4. The city has approved additional streets for us to adopt. SBC needs more volunteers. Only one day/month is required.

d. Civic Affairs (Mr. Millevolte/Mr. Hammer)
Please see Attachment B

e. Community Patrol (Mr. Bradley/Mr. Lee)
1. New car has been assigned to SBC
2. PSL police department would like all the previous volunteers to take a refresher course regarding the community patrol prior to restarting.
3. SBC has not restarted the patrol due to COVID-19 concerns.

f. Guest Speakers (Mrs. Hitchcock)
Working on next month’s speaker.

g. Marketing (Mr. Billitti)
We are off and running with our local marketing campaign. We are currently seeking volunteers to help locate new sponsors, and work with our incredible existing sponsors. We are looking to support our local neighbors and businesses. Here is your chance to give back locally, as well as an opportunity to make a difference in our community. Thank you for helping to grow and enhance our local Sandpiper Bay community. Email Matthew at for interest.

h. Member Communications (Mr. Lee)
Continuing to keep the membership informed of local and community issues.

i. Press Relations (Mr. Lee)
No activity

j. Rules (Mr. Millevolte)
No activity.

k. Social Media (Mrs. Hammer/Mrs. Black)
Updates to Facebook and Nextdoor Neighbor continue.
Additional help with Nextdoor Neighbor would be appreciated.

l. Technology (Ms. Pikulski)
I am working with Jennifer from ClearSEM Solutions to launch a new and improved members portal on the website. It will be more functional for our members. I’ve done one test import and waiting on Jennifer for additional parts to be completed.

m. Welcome committee (Ms. Dunkel)
Have handed out plants to new homeowners in SBC.

n. Member renewal (Mr. Quaile)
1. New Members List Updated Through 12/31/20
2. Working on Non-paid Members to renew their memberships

o. Code Compliance (Mr. Armstrong)
1. Report for the month of January,
a. Code has opened 17 cases, closed 36 cases, and issued one parking warning.
b. Code has been successful in achieving compliance with regards to storm shutter violations. We greatly appreciate the quick response to this life-safety matter and thank all members of your community for their action. While Code will continue to address any storm shutters still in violation, our focus will shift to property maintenance violations.
c. Specialist Fisher continues to thoroughly sweep the community, addressing the following violations; high grass and weeds, open storage, exterior in need of maintenance, accessory structures in need of maintenance, and parking violations. As always, our goal is to provide education to residents in violation and work with them in timely fashion to bring their property into compliance.
2. Club Med: We have no new update to provide. If anything changes, I will contact you immediately.

6. Old Business

7. New Business

8. Motion to Adjourn at 8:34 pm (President)
First: Mr. Millevolte
Second: Mr. Billitti
Vote in favor: All

Treasurer’s Report

Reporting Period: 1/1/2021-1/31/2021

TD Bank Money Market Fund Activity:
Increased by $2001.97 to $31,762.71 due to the following transactions:
Transfer from checking: $ 2,000.00
Bank interest: $ 1.97

TD Bank Checking Account Activity:

Decreased $2,533.73 to $5,325.17 due to the following transaction:

Total Deposits of $6,295.00
Membership: $ 5,945.00
Marketing: $ 320.00 Transferred from 2020

Total Expenses of $4,363.93
Internet Services: $ 139.00
Telephone: $ 19.15
Discount fee: $ 21.12
Meeting Space: $ 352.42 Tsfr. from 2020 & Zoom
Marketing: $ 131.99
Storage: $ 119.88 Drop Box
Taxes/Fees: $ 61.25 FL Dept. State
Insurance: $ 1,218.00 Officers & Directors
Bank charges: $ 70.00 Safe Deposit box
Mailbox Rental: $ 231.12
Transfer to savings: $ 2,000.00


Civic Committee Report
January 2021

SBC Civic Committee objective is to enhance the Quality of Life and Home Values in Sandpiper Bay. The city agrees that it essential that these 60-year-old portions of the city be upgraded for the future success of the city, especially when compared to the newer master-planned communities in the city.
The city developed an award-winning program, NICE (Neighborhood Improvement and Community Engagement) to meet these goals. SBC and PSL Neighborhood Services recently agreed to meet monthly to develop a Neighborhood Action Plan and discuss ways to streamline our specific requests to the city through the NICE program. The city considers SBC to be a model organization which they would like to duplicate in the other 34 neighborhood civic associations.
Current action status:
1. Lease land from the city to allow us to communicate better with all Sandpiper Bay residents.
2. Finalize SE Westmoreland traffic calming efforts and evaluate results.
3. Rename the “Sandpiper Bay Homeowners Park” sign to Sandpiper Bay Community Park” to reflect our current name.
1. Advise city officials if potential support exists to acquire the Club Med golf area if that situation ever presents itself. It is difficult for to find park area of that size in the Eastern side of the city.
2. Continue to work with the city to develop a Neighborhood Action Plan to prioritize upgrades that meet the future vision of the city based on forecasted changes in demographics and needs.





Board/Member Meeting Agenda

Date:               2/15/2021
Time:               7pm

Location:         Zoom


President’s Comments:

Introduction of speaker: (President)

            Jennifer Davis

            City of Port St. Lucie’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) Project Manager

            Topic: “The Port District”

1. Establish A Quorum (Secretary)

Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Millevolte, Mrs. Hitchcock, Mr. Hammer, Ms. Dunkel, Mr. Billitti, Ms. Suter

2. Secretary’s Report (President)

a. Approve Minutes of January 18, 2021 Board Meeting. (Vote)

3. Approve Treasurer Report (Treasurer) (Vote)

a. Reporting Period: 1/1/2021-1/31/2021

4. Committee Reports:

 a. Events/Social (Mr. Lee)
1. 19th Hole

 b. Ethics (Mr. Bradley)

 c. Adopt A Street/Adopt A Park (Mr. Mazjanis)
1. Adopt-A-Street Report – January, 2021
2. Volunteers: Ivars Mazjanis John Hitchcock, Patrick & Anna Carney, Bob Wade, Doug Mouch

d. Civic Affairs (Mr. Millevolte/Mr. Hammer)
1. Report
2. Current Action Status
3. Plans

e. Community Patrol (Mr. Bradley)
1. Community Patrol Report – January, 2021

f. Guest Speakers (Mrs. Hitchcock)

g. Marketing (Mr. Billitti)

h. Member Communications (Mr. Lee)

i. Press Relations (Mr. Lee)

j. Rules (Mr. Millevolte)

k. Social Media (Mrs. Hammer/Mrs. Black)

l. Technology (Ms. Pikulski)

m. Welcome committee (Ms. Dunkel)

n. Member renewal (Mr. Quaile)
1. New Members List Through 12/31/20
2. Non-paid Members

o. Code Compliance (Mr. Armstrong)

1. Report
2. Club Med

5. Old Business

6. New Business

7. Motion to Adjourn