Sandpiper Bay Homeowners Association, Inc.

(Fictitious Name: Sandpiper Bay Community)


Executive Board Meeting Planning Minutes


Date:               7/27/2021
Time:                          4pm

Location:        Barry Lee’s house


Attended:        Board members: Mr. Lee, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Hammer, Ms. Dunkel, Mrs. Hitchcock

Committee members: Mrs. Montcerisier, Ms. Pikulski, Mrs. Beckett.

Absent:            Board members: Mr. Millevolte, Ms. Suter, Mr. Billitti.



Membership is up 20% from last year.

Robin Montcerisier is now in charge of membership and welcome committees.


Louisa Beckett is now in charge of media.


Dan Hammer will be coordinating with the HOAs in the community.

Many of the communities are interested in joining for increased civic representation and social activities.


Need a Marketing coordinator.


September 22, 2021, (Wednesday) SBC will have the “Sandpiper Room” at the Saints’ Pub

available.         5-7 pm will be available for dinner from the Pub’s menu.

7-? pm will be available for games/meet & greet/music/what-ever.


Club Med – Cannot accommodate our Christmas Party this year.

Plans to renovate next year.

? golf plans – the golf partnership fell apart.


Looking for ideas for the Christmas party.

Fall picnic/BBQ plans still up in the air.


Barry stated a member has a copy of “American Amazon” which can be presented at one of our

SBC meetings.


SB 60 – responses to SBC questionnaire were given to our councilwoman.

Lots of concern that a complaint to the city/county/state will make complainants’ contact publicly available.


Section 155 of the city’s code allows “temporary” signs on public land.

Barry requested permission to buy real estate-type signs to announce SBC events – such as meetings. All members agreed.


T-shirts?   Bill Bradley is developing a new logo. Members discussed who could print them.


Community Patrol

Only currently have 6 members of which 2 cannot drive.

Barry has asked the city to name Bill Bradley to be the Captain for SBC.

PSL is stating that they are to control the community patrol. However, Barry has worked

with 2 councilwomen that agree that control should be within the community, with city oversight.


Sandy Lee and Sandy Pikulski will be setting up the financial section of the website.


End of meeting.